Glide Pages containers 2 columns in form

Just to confirm, container columns do not appear in forms or overlay screens in pages?

Its not possible to create a form with 2 input fields next to each other?

You can’t do it with a Form Container, but you can if you use a standard form screen.

you mean if the screen is full width?
I’m just looking to create 2 columns in overlay forms or slide in screens

No, I mean it can’t be done inside a Form Container component…

Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 3.45.28 PM

But you can do it just about anywhere else. Of course, if you use a 1:1 container inside a slide out overlay, you’ll probably get the two panels arranged vertically. Because Pages are responsive, you can’t really guarantee that your container panels will always remain side by side. As the screen width narrows, they’ll always eventually wind up one on top of the other at some point.

They wind up one on top of the other at all points in the editor, even when they are empty or have a text field of 1 letter. unless the issue is from my view.

Yeah, I think if you use an overlay or slide in, that will probably always be the case.


I am currently trying to use the Container component to add 2 buttons side by side that go to different tabs in my app but no matter how wide I make the screen or narrow the buttons are they are not side by side…am I missings something?

How many columns does your container have?
If you use a two column container and put one button in each column, they should appear side by side in desktop view.

Hi! May be better to use button block for this. It completely shows side by side 2 buttons on any types of screen. No?

I have added a new screen and then added the container component with 2 columns and then added a button in each and even when I change to the desktop they are above each other.

Can I see a screenshot from the builder layout please?

I knew you would want that and here it is…thanks in advance!

seems to be same results. I deleted and readded both container and buttons…

Can I add some color to the buttons in some way because there does not seem to be an option for that?

Looks like a bug
If you want customized buttons so you need to use rich text component and place some html in to, to arrange.
or use CSS on Business plan.

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Going to use the button block and will live with no color for now…like the side by side for saving space on menu option buttons. Thanks for the input!

Works for me :man_shrugging:

I had tried it several times and it would not but now when I go do it of course it will work but the issue, as you mentioned previously, is that in mobile mode they end up on top of each other due to being Responsive. Thanks for the follow up and not sure what was going on…but you are correct that as of 11pm CST in Texas now…it worked! The only bummer with the Button Block is there is not a color to both buttons ;-(

Maybe not exactly what you want, but a button block with a Tiles style will give you color on both buttons.

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