Container components won't display side-by-side (in columns)

I’m trying to use the container feature to get two components to display side by side (so, two columns) but no matter what I do, they just stack on top of each other. I’ve tested this with all different types of components but nothing works. The goal is to get two title components to display next to each other. I’ve attached pictures. I assume I’m doing something wrong. Thank you!


I think the container will always stack when in mobile view. At least that’s my experience.

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Try using a layout associated to a tablet or PC and it will look better

I should have mentioned that I tried tablet/PC view and it’s the same issue. If it’s not possible, it’s no huge deal… Just aesthetics. Thank you for replying!

The container will automatically adjust based on screen resolution, so you need to make sure the screen is wide enough. There is a play button in the top right of the builder to preview without the side builder columns.

Also, be careful when placing components within the container. Make sure you are placing them inside the container and also make sure that you are using all of the container columns. It’s very subtle when placing them, but you should be able to tell when you are inside each individual container column. I say this because you can still stack multiple components within the same container column.


Thank you, Jeff! The screen not being wide enough seems to have been the problem.

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