Display multiple columns on Layout

Hi, I am creating a recruiting app and would like to know how I can have multiple column display on my Layout screen like this?

Closest thing you can try is a 4-column container.

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I am using a container with a 2-column layout. But when I add number entry components inside the container they don’t show up side by side. Is there a restriction on what type of components will work in a side by side layout?

@Food2Soil, you haven’t placed any components into the second column. You have all of them in the first column.

Gotcha! Fixed it (i think) but still doesn’t show side by side.

Your screen may not be wide enough. If you do a full screen preview, or reduce the size of the side panels in the builder, then it should look better. If the screen is only wide enough for a mobile screen, or a small tablet, then it’s going to stack the columns vertically no matter what. The multi column layout is most useful if you primarily use the app on a desktop.

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Thankyou. It does work on the desktop set to a full screen. Appreciate your help and the clarification.

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