3 columns not working?

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New to glide but strong background in Airtable / Softr. I managed to build an app in order to manage tasks / work order / order reception for my employees and subcontractors.

I’m trying to fine tune some other pages that might be useful in the future and exploring functionalities. I can’t get the 3 columns layout to work as it should (or as i think it should). Am i missing something? I saw this post on the same subject but copying it does not give me a good result.

Here’s what i did in my app (and my lovely vacation face)

The screen needs to be a certain width for a multiple column container to display items side by side. Otherwise it will stack the container columns. If you preview the app outside of the builder, does it look correct?

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Much thanks. I love it when my first question in a community turns out to be my error.
My preview screen was JUST below the threshold because i made the side menus larger…


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No worries. I wish it would retain the column view no matter what. Sometimes I want it on a mobile view. Or at least if it could retain the column the view until it absolutely cannot fit the content anymore.

I’ve noticed that there are a few critical features that are missing to this app builder.
Having some kind of control on the threshold where 3 column break is one of them
Conditional formatting of list items would be nice. Being able to click on an image to make it bigger (in the image carousel) would also be nice.

I’m using Airtable as a backend and I like the tool so far, learning curve was quick and price is fair. I use it mostly as a mobile interface for mobile and use AT interfaces on my desktop. I hope it keeps on growing, a few more features would really bump up the potential.

Thanks again!

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