Layout seam wrong

Im new to glide and Im trying to design my app. Ive followed the help and videos but I seam to be having a couple of issues.

1st- my layout doesn’t look the same as all the instruction videos. On the left of the screen mine appears very limited.

2nd- Ive added 6 columns to a page but the app is only showing 3 of them and the other 3 are on a different app page.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

That new layout is so newly in time and maybe they reuse the videos of the old layout of the app.

About the second question can you give us more information?

Thanks for your reply, im trying to. create a page on the app for pilots. On my spreadsheet I have 6 columns but when I look at the app view its only showing me 3. If i then select the pilot the app moves me to another page where the rest of my columns details are.

If you are trying to display them in a list it’s true. You can only show an Image and 3 columns (as Title, Description and Caption) Maybe you can priorize some of them and then when you clicked them one by one you entered in a Detailed View of that item of your list and then there you can add Components (+ Button near “Screen” Text in your left) and show whatever you want in differents type of views (like text, images, separators, links, buttons, etc…)

Thats amazing.

Thank you.

I’ll just view them in list.

Try using the cards layout to display more information, it allows using upto 6 columns and 2 images

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