Hi from Brisbane Australia


By day I’m a mobile sales rep looking after the entire state. I heard of Glide through a podcast after trying a few other no code products.

I’m currently producing an app which will help solve a problem at my workplace. Phase 1 is a simple product catalogue but I’m struggling with an issue. It’s mostly complete but I can’t get the UI ie the screen layout the same for all screens.




Share some screenshots so we can help you! And of course, welcome to the best community :grinning:


Hey from Melbourne :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi and thank you.

I’ve attached a jpg with the screenshots to outline the flow and what’s happening. Hope it explains what’s challenging me at the moment.


A bit hard to see from the picture, but I think what you want is a picture at the top, then a text component with the tittle( you can modify the size) then a text component with description. The rest is not too clear to see what you want. A better quality image would help

Sorry I made a PDF but it’s restricted to jpeg. I’ll try and increase the resolution

I think I know what’s wrong but not exactly sure on the solution. New JPG attached.


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