Inline list details different screen details

I’ve been using Glide few months ago.

I’m trying to develop an app to store aquarium info.

First, I worked at design to store my first aquarium info, then, when it was complete, I began to add the second aquarium info, but the problem is, when I navigate using the app, the screens are not the same as I designed, for example:

This is my “home page”

When I select the first one, the screen shows correctly as I designed:

But if I go back Home, and select the second one aquarium, appears on this way:

I don’t know if I’ve to set someting special to both screens looks like the same

Thanks in advance

You probably have independent screen configuration turned on. Here’s what I would do:


That’s the reason!!

Now the problem is, if I uncheck the option, I lose the first one design :slightly_frowning_face: How to avoid this? I want to set the first one to be the default.

Oh, sorry, the answer is on the video :smiley:


That’s what I was about to say :wink:

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