Separate title in detail screens

I’m a beginner of glide.
Please allow my silly question. I’m creating a simple app.

I prepared one glide table using 300 rows.
On the 1st column, I created 300 items. (Data A)
On the 2nd column, I also created 300 items. (Data B)

I want to show 20 items from Data A randomly. And on another screen, I want to show 20 items from Data B randomly.
I succeeded in showing 20 items randomly for each page using inline list.

After that, when I click one of 20 items, I want to create detail screen using the action of inline list,” Show Detail Screen for this item” for each page.
In detail screen, I added Title component for both pages.

However, in the Title component, when I choose the title of data A for one page, another title in the different page, also become the title of data A.
When I choose the title of data B for one, another title also become the title of data B.

What is the problem? Do I have to create another glide table and have to upgrade?
As I can’t offer screen shots, so please ask me if you have any questions.

Thank you very much.

Change the action on one of your Inline Lists to Show New Screen->This Item.

That will allow you to have a separate (independent) details screen for that list.

I appreciate your reply.
Everything went well without a hitch.

Thank you very much.

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