App builder screen issue

Dear all,

I am blocked to complete a form, because the app builder screen does not allow me to see the whole “columns” values I can select to populate form data. I am able to select the 2 first “columns” of each row, but not the third one.

Please see the attached picture :

I know that my laptop screen resolution is not very good, but I have no other laptop and the app builder screen should be horizontaly scrollable (at least each of the 3 vertical frames).

My laptop resolution goes up to 1366 x 768, no more. And I tried all available resolution settings and don’t succeed in getting one for which I see the full app builder contents.

Any idea or fix for this problem ? I guess I am not the only one impacted, am I ?

Many thanks !

You need to full screen your browser. This has be mentioned before but no fix has happened. Just maximize your window.

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Unfortunately no, even if I fullscreen my browser window, it does not work, still the 2 first columns, not the third one … :sleepy:

Arf, I got it… I switch the component presentation from grid to list, and now I can select the columns I need. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Another user had a similar issue. Ultimately it was due to some long column headings. It eventually went away, but I don’t know of a great fix. You could temporarily add another column to the beginning of the sheet to get everything to shift over one position.


Ahh, good to know.

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