Colour Coding on Calendar View and Bugs


  1. This is my Leave Calendar, it is possible for me to add the Gazette Holiday with special color coding or highlight label or anything can we can see? Btw, I am using Glide Page.

  2. There’s one person called “Husna” down there were on leave from 24th until 28th Feb. But the calendar showing until 27th because there’s another one person on leave on 28th called “zun”. If no person is on leave on 28th, then Husna’s one turn up until 28th.

Hello, im still having this problem. What happen to this actually? and how to improve ?
let say : Start date 10/3 and End date 13/3 but in calendar will be showing until 12/3 only . why and how ?
It is because included Sunday or what ?

Any update about these things?

The actual date is 13/3 00 am so it is not actually going to the 13… you need to add at least 1 second to that date… i know is weird, but Google calendar will act the same.

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Hmm okayyyy

Let me know if it works… I never try it in Glide… i just know that from dealing with Google Calendar API, it also might be a time format issue… that the date is taken as 0 GMT

So far, its work! Thanks Uzo!

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Wow… I see that nobody helped you with this for 20 days, LOL.

and i… patiently waiting…Thanks @Uzo , for your help. Thanks

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Never wait when reporting a bug… tag someone who you think might know the answer. Glide does not take care of reported bugs for a long time… I stopped reporting them… only sometimes just to make other users aware…

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