Dates on event calendar are off?

I have an event calendar but the dates on time of the event are incorrect. The date with the event name are correct. I can’t figure out how to make them match correctly?

And why does the last event doesn’t have the title date on top?

What does the date look like in your table?
Which columns are you using for the start and end dates on your calendar list?

This is what my table looks like…

I can’t seem to find my error?

and this?

My first event start at 2pm and ends at 4pm…I’m using column “Starts” 2P and “Ends” 4P. Is is the way I have it set up?

Your Starts and Ends columns either contain today’s and tomorrow’s date, or they are rounding to the nearest date, which is today and tomorrow. Glide can’t figure out what date you meant purely based on a time. You need to get rid of your date column and put in full dates and times in the Starts and Ends date column. Then glide will see which date you meant and it will show properly on the calendar.


Thank you. Let me try that and see if it works for me :laughing:

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It worked! :+1:

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