Collect data automatically

I have 2 tables (based on Google sheets).

1)is users sheet. With name and email for each user.
2) tasks sheet. With data and information about each task.

I want to create this flow:
1)User create new task (easy, I know how to do it).
2) while creating the task, the user chooses relevant owner from the users table (based on the user name). (Easy, I know how to do it).
3) the name of the relevant user (the owner) and the email save in the tasks sheet, in two different columns.( I don’t know how to do it).

For example, Jim create new task for Jack.
Jom will choose the name of Jack while creating a new task.
On the tasks sheet, the name would be saved on the “owner” column, and Jack’s email would be saved on the “owners email” (without anyone will choose the email manually).

Any ideas?

Hi Gilad,

You can have a Choice component on the form screen and select the Users Table and connect the owners email column in the Tasks table to the Write to column section.

And for the value in the choice component you can select the Email column in the Users table and for the Display section you can select the Name column in the Users table.

And in the form screen you can add the User’s email special value and add the owner column in the Tasks table to add the task creater!

Thank you


Also, if you follow @Dilon_Perera’s advice and only save the email to the table, then you can use a relation column and lookup column to retrieve the user’s name from the saved email.