Cloudflare not able to resolve dns

Hi everybody,

I have created an Glide App and trying to register it on DNS subdomain
DNS entry is done and publish with custom domain info from glide, for more than 48h

Cloudflare is still not able to resolve this dns, and all other dns are ok.
FYI my dns management is not done on cloudflare, do we still need to create an account on clouflare and manage specific settings if clouflare is not managing any DNS stuff on my domain

Did I miss something?

Thanks for your help

No, you don’t.

Possibly. Can you provide some screenshots that show how you have configured your DNS?

Do you have two green ticks as shown below?

No I still don’t have the green lights ;-(

Okay, if you can show me what you have configured, maybe I can help you.
If you don’t want to share the information in public, you can send me a private message.

And as you can see it is properly deployed even in seems to be the one used by Clouflare

Can you show me a screen shot from Step 2 of your Custom Domain configuration in Glide please?

Yes sent by message

I’m actually getting the same thing when attempting to set up a custom domain for a new client (but I have both green check boxes). Maybe it’s just taking longer than expected?

I advised @LucB to contact Glide Support, as I couldn’t see anything wrong with their settings.

On my side I have done a mistake at the starting point of custom domain setting, so when you check go back to step 1 to check settings. Now I have a green light and a red one… I think when you modify your domain name (not properly set at the beginning) the string should change but not able to have an updated one

Hey Robert,
I’m actually having the same problem with one of my clients, can you please let me know how did you managed to solve that issue.

For this one particular client we had to switch domain providers

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Thank you for the quick reply. I believe it was a problem on Glide side during that particular day. Fortunately everything is working fine now :smile: