Choice to Linked field only displaying one option

Hello! One of the features in my glide app is a form that allows the scorekeeper of a game to create a “penalty” record. The back end is an airtable base. I have a table for “games”, “teams”, “people”, and “penalties”.

The form allows the end user to select which team and which player received the penalty.

When I click on the choice field for “player”, it should show me a list of of all players in my “people” table and allow me to choose one.

For some reason, it only shows me one option, and that option is always the person I am currently logged in as. It wasn’t always displaying this way, but I cannot seem to figure out what is causing me to see only one option.

I do not currently have any filtering set up on this choices field. Any idea why I only see one option?


show the table where you have these options… are you using row owner?

Here’s my “back end” airtable base. Airtable - Quadball.One - BackEnd

Can you clarify what you mean by “using row owner”?

in the Glide editor, do you have a row owner in the table that has player options?