Troubles with Edit Form

I am having a few problems with the edit form:

  1. I want to use a choice component in the edit form to allow users to change the status of their order. The status column is a single select field. I applied filters to it to only show certain options. However, in the glideapp, the field now shows up as a text field (with the A icon) and displays only the first option for users to choose (when it should be showing three options). This was working before, so I don’t know what happened.

  2. I set containers to only show under certain conditions. However, when I test the glideapp, I can see the containers when I shouldn’t and I only see some fields in those containers (other fields in those containers are missing).

  3. I made a text and set it to show only under certain conditions but it is showing regardless.

Are these glitches or am I doing something wrong?

I am using airtable as my data source.

For 2 & 3, can you show a screenshot of your filter conditions please?

Container filter conditions

Here is an image of the filter conditions for one of the containers. The conditions are the same for all the containers - essentially, I only want them to show if the user’s order status isn’t Picked Up or No Showed, as that would mean that their order is past and can no longer be changed.

I suspect the problem may have to do with the fact that glideapp seems to be treating single select fields in airtable as text fields, so having the same root cause as problem #1.

As for problem #3, nevermind! It’s working now :slight_smile: Maybe it takes glideapp a few hours to reflect changes correctly? I have noticed that.

Yes, you may be right.

Okay, I’m going to pass on this one as I’m not an AirTable user, so I’m not familiar with how it interacts with Glide.

@Robert_Petitto might be able to help you with this one.

This isn’t correct logic for your filter. The way you have it configured, if the status is ‘Picked Up’, it still fits the filter that the status is not ‘No Showed’. Likewise, if the status is ‘No Showed’, it still fits the filter that the status is not ‘Picked Up’. You need to change it from an OR to an AND because you want to filter statuses that are Not ‘Picked Up’ AND Not ‘No Showed’ When you use an OR like that any status is going to fit no matter what.


duh :man_facepalming:

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haha yes, of course. and it works now, thank you!

but problem #1 still stands. how to fix this?

Can you share some screenshots of what you are describing? I’m having trouble picturing it in my head.

here’s a picture of the glide screen, showing the choice component in question.

as you see, in the preview window, glide shows only “pre-order” as an option, although there should be two other options shown with it (“postpone” and “assign”).

in the edit form settings, you can see that the Status field is shown as a text formatted field, yet it is actually a single select field in the airtable database.

Choice component filter data
here’s the filter data settings for the choice component.

Status airtable field
and here’s the status field settings in airtable.

Ugg, I’m not an expert on how these things work with Airtable. Normally I would have a separate table that lists all of the status options in separate rows. That separate table would be the source table for the choice component, and then your choice component would write the value to your form destination table. That logic makes sense to me.

But it seems that Airtable lets you have different column types that serve dual purposes. In this case, it contains the list of options as well as holds the value of the selected choice. If I’m understanding correctly, you are trying to use the same column as both your source and your destination, and that doesn’t play well with glide.

This is similar to Linked Records that hold the value for a relation as well as serve as the relation. Glide has some workarounds in place to handle these types of Airtable columns but I’d say it’s not standard procedure to set things up like this.

I think in your case, you can get away with it as long as you create a separate table with all of your choices, and then use that as your choice component source.

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ok, i did as you suggested and your method works, thanks jeff :smiley:

i have another question re the edit form though: how do i display values in the edit form that is taken from the same table but which i don’t want users to be able to edit?

i used the “values from screen” components, but am only given a few fields as options (and never the fields i want to display) and they aren’t visible on the layout screen.

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You should be able to add any type of text component to your edit screen, and select which ever column values you want from the attached row.


great, thank you!