Choice component stuck

Choice horizontal segmented button often triggers action only after second tap - anyone experiencing the same?

How are you triggering an action on a choice component??? As far as I’m aware, you can’t trigger an action based on a choice component’s value changing.
Do you mean the selected choice isn’t highlighted until after the second click?

Thanks for your reply, Jeff…

I have screencast attached which shows that I have always to tap twice the button "11Sa“ ("11Wb“ is empty) before students inline list shows up…?

(…just encountering that screencast won´t upload…? neither .mov nor .mp4…?)

I’m having a problem with a choice component (vertical, not horizontal) and wonder if my issue is related to yours. My choice component is not writing to the sheet. I have another choice component on the same form that is working properly. I deleted the problem component and added a new one to replace it, but still no luck.
Are you still having your problem?

…here‘s what I mean…