Bug when using choice segmented option

Bug when using the choice segmented option. When you try to choose one of the options, other options vanish.

Can you provide a bit more context?
Perhaps a screen shot showing your choice component configuration, and another showing the source data.

Is your choice component using dates as choices?

Here are before and after pics.
After I try to select a blue theme or coffee, options disappear from the choice section and replace other options in the source file.

I am trying to create buy me coffee clone, not sure if it can be made. So basically I want the user to be able to choose the theme and choose between coffee, pizza, beer.

It’s using text.

It sounds like your choice components are configured to use the same columns for both source and target. Can you check that?
Please show a screen shot of the configuration section of one of those choice components.

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Oh! you are right.
How do I set up my spreadsheet to create separate source and target?

I am very new to this building app space and trying to learn by doing .

Found the video solution on glide. Thank you @Darren_Murphy

This looks like it’s part of your onboarding process for new users, yes?
If that’s the case, you should have a column in your User Profiles sheet for each selection, and your choice components should use those columns as the target.

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Okay , let me try… its making more sense now… haha…

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