"Choice" component has no action associated!

Is there any workaround to solve this sshortcoming?

It depends.
What is your use case?

My use case is trivial: for toddler I developed learning letters by images: “C” for CAR, “B” for BABY ets. So I have alphabet and words and images - some 30 records. I offer the choice on letters and Glide enables chosing the letter and the Choice is writin it correctly in “Response” column. After comparing it with the letter in this row, failure or succes button is displayed. Actions of counting the errors or going back if success is in these buttons, because rthere is no actions in choice component itself!
Here the app: https://slova-i-slike.glide.page/dl/d8fc49

Be aware that automatic translation doesn’t allow correct answers!

Yes, I noticed that :slight_smile:

Nice App, by the way :+1:

So if I understand correctly, you are using the button below to keep track of the number of attempts, yes?

But what you would like is an action on the choice component (the list of letters), yes?

I think the only thing I could suggest as a workaround in this case would be to use a collection for the letter list, then you’d be able to have an item click action. But it probably wouldn’t look as nice as it does now, so not ideal.


Yes, counting the attempts as well as to desplay success or failure.
Due to the fact that there is no actions associated after clicking on the chosen letter, I am torturing users to click also the buttons OK/ERROR!

Collection list is clear to me, but then I have 30 rows long list that has to be scrolled, unacceptable workaround!

Forgetting action in choice is a BUG!