Pin pad choice component & compound action!

Hey Gliders,

How many digits do you need a choice component to populate into a single cell?

Here is another compound action demo but this time using a choice component to populate a single cell with as many digits as you like. Applies equally to text.


Very nice!

For extra brownie points, make it so that you can input the same digit multiple times :grin:

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Almost impossible :joy::joy::joy:

Ya reckon?




@Wiz.Wazeer :clap:

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Can this be achieved on two images ? I can achieve this on a single image like you Have. I’m trying to achieve this on two images. These actions that I’m concentrating on use two images. If you can pls let me know.

Can this be repeated inside a choice component @Darren_Murphy. Pls test.

Time for me to fess up :laughing:

I’m not using any images at all, nor is it a choice component.
What you see in my demo is just an inline list. The “images” are emojis.
There is a compound action with a bunch of conditionals.
In the back end, just a bunch of single relations and ITE columns.

But when you said “almost impossible”, that was kinda like waving a red flag at a bull :rofl:


Well done, wiz!!

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Oh! Actions can do it so clean… got it :yum:

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