Choice component MULTI-SELECT: now a dream, soon a reality?

Thanks @Jeff_Hager it’s an honor to hear from you. I’m happy to be able to give back something good to this community (from which I have received a lot) ! :heart:

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Any idea when we’ll have multiselect choice ?

Hey @Roldy what you have done with Jeff’s app is awesome and he pointed me to your sample app as perhaps being the answer to my sleepless nights right now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: for my wine touring app.

Here’s my scenario:

The app allows users to create and customise their own wine Tour by adding up to four Cellars to their itinerary. As of right now 854 Tours have been created with each tour having up to 4 Cellars, my selectedCellars table is at most 3,400 rows (and quickly growing), with this many rows to filter I’m starting to see performance impact to simply view the list of Cellars in a Tour.


Your approach to save a selected set of items (IDs) in a single row would absolutely help me to address this issue. But, I not only require to save the Cellar ID selected by the user, but also unique parameters which are set at the time of selecting the Cellar eg; Tasting Fee (number), Redeemable (Bool), Arrival Time (Date/Time) etc…

How can I take your sample further to also include the unique parameters for each item saved in the set?

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Hi @Rogelio, sorry for my late reply.
Yes, surely is possible, I will take a look next days. Sorry if can’t do better than this but I’m busy in two project now that I’ve to done.

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That’s ok :slightly_smiling_face: I appreciate the response