Choice Multiple Select Ready?

Hello …
I think a lot of us are asking for a multiple-select list of choices.
I read that the Glide team couldn’t give a timeline on this feature.
But if we take a look, the In-App-Filter feature already includes several selections.
So we already have the base with Choice, the source selection included in Choice, the display and the selection as In-App-Filter.
The result contained in the Data column can be separated by a comma, so we can use it to make a direct display or use a Split to create a multiple relation.
Yes yes yes, I know that between my little theory and my practice there is a world, but it’s not like starting from scratch


I come back to this subject, because I really need several choices to move forward in my project.
I saw somewhere on this community that a version was well advanced!
I would like to know an ETA for this option.

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