Choice Component in app suddenly is grayed out...not sure why

Was working fine until yesterday and have been trying to figure out why. Nothing in Features is set to invisible. Adding another Choice Component on the same page targeting a different column also does not work. Spreadsheet seems fine. Have done the usual reset page etc.
Have also created another app using the same spreadsheet and it seems to work fine.

Any thoughts as to why would be appreciated.

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 5.33.09 PM

Is this a form or a detail view? If a detail view, are you cutting an actual row, it so you have the screen filtered so you are not viewing a row? If the choice component can’t attach to a row column, then it will be grayed out. Can’t really tell for sure with your screenshots.

@Jeff_Hager - thanks for getting back to me. I am using a detailed view.

But I am not sure if I am interpreting “If a detail view, are you cutting an actual row, it so you have the screen filtered so you are not viewing a row?” correctly.

But if you meant:
“If a detail view, are you viewing an actual row, if so you have to have the screen filtered so you are not viewing a row?”

I am not sure I understand. I have not filtered the screen. How do you screen a filter to not see a row??

Thanks for any further feedback.

I recreated the app and did everything over and the same thing happened again (ie. the Choice component is grayed out again).
Also, is there a memory issue with Choice that I should be aware of? It seems like it does not list the latest choices I have added to the choice options. I used @Jeff_Hager suggested method below to add to my choice options.

Yeah, I always seem to misspell words when typing on my phone. You were close with the interpretation. Yes ‘cutting’ should have read as ‘viewing’. What I meant to say is that you should make sure you are not viewing an empty or non-existent row. This will prevent you from making any edits because there is no row to edit.

I’m not aware of a memory issue with the choice component. I would verify in the data editor that the column you are using for your choices contains all the values you expect to see and that you don’t have any filters set on the choice component.

I still have the Choice being grayed out problem. But I used the same tab that powered the details page within same app to create another details page to see if the Choice component would still be grayed out. It was not. So in the same app, I have two detailed pages using the same tab to source a Choice component - one is grayed out and the other is not.

I also discovered another problem that makes me think this might be memory related.

Attached is a screenshot of the choices from the new details page I made within the same app and you will notice that the list ends with the name “howard hughes”. I cannot scroll down any further.

If I look at the column from the data field, however, it has 2 names after “howard hughes” - “peter fignolia” and “hailey brown” which are not visible in the app. These 2 additional names are also visible in my spreadsheet (attached). Furthermore, if i use the search bar in the app and type in “hailey” i find the name “hailey brown” - it just is not visible as part of the choice component in the app. I only have 25 names…surely that is below whatever limit the app has???

screenshot from spreadsheet - all rows visible:
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 10.55.52 PM

screenshot from data editor - all rows visible:

screenshot from app - last 2 rows missing:
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 10.46.05 PM

There has to be some sort of setting for the choice component to be grayed out. I can only think of a filter on the choice component, or your view is not attached to a row in the sheet, or maybe you are using row owners. It’s hard to say without seeing more of the app, or a scrubbed version that I could copy to see all of your settings.

I still have a hard time believing there is a memory issue. Large lists of choices is what prompted the addition of the search ability within a choice component, so many people have had very large lists to choose from. Have you tried viewing from a phone? Do you have the same issue there? Sometimes the app will scale weird within the emulator in the builder. That can all depend on your browser as well as zoom settings, but is only an issue in the builder. I guess I would also check for any filtering or row owner settings here as well.