Choice component and CSS (still working on it)

One of the main issue (for me) with inline lists is the limitation to collect data from non-connected sources, so you have to move to “Choice” component, so I am trying to style the choice component as clickable buttons/cards
This is my current test

I am sure it can be improved :slight_smile: Open to suggestions

you can use inline list as a choice component, just set action, and make an image dynamic…
what do you mean “non connected sources”?

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You can do it like Uzo suggested, just some more steps to make it look “right”. Have a “not selected” and a “selected” version of the image. Something like a checkmark would be good, I think. The rest is about setting up the relations and actions needed to set the image URL to the right column.

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Thanks Uzo I am sure I missed something in the relationship :frowning:
My scenario is this one:

  • during the user’s onboarding process (step by step process screen connected to the user table)
  • I would like the user select a picture from a list (avatar table)

The two tables (users and avatars) are not-connected and there are no-relationship between them (this is what I mean), so I was thinking about using the choice component.

Also the choice component offers already a nice “selected” visual effect, it sounded like a good idea :frowning:
Thank for your comment!

You can do it like this in the Avatars table:

  • Create a template column and point that to the signed-in user’s email address.
  • Create a relation from that column to the Users column, relate to the email column. Make it a single match.

In the inline list that shows avatars, the action would be setting the avatar URL, through the relation above, to the avatar/profile image column in the Users sheet.

The rest is just about making the “chosen” visual looks good.


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