Checkout Error In App Using Shopify

Hello all,

I’m totally stumped with this one. I have a website that is built on wordpress and incorporates Shopify for purchases. My Glide app has a list of products under the tab “shop” with unique buttons for each item that hyperlinks to the matching item on my online Shopify store (shirt to shirt, lanyard to lanyard, etc).

If you use the iOS “home screen” app, the Shopify checkout button has no action. If you launch the app on any browser outside of the home screen icon or on desktop, there is no issue and the Shopify checkout works flawlessly. It only runs into issues through the “home screen” app. Is this an iOS/Safari issue? Any thoughts?

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I can confirm that the checkout button works on Android. Seems like this might be an iOS issue…again.

Since the app on iOS prompts Safari, I think there’s an issue in the Safari window blocking checkout. My buddy’s Android prompts Chrome and Chrome is having zero issues in checkout.


Since Safari is the most garbage browser, it auto-blocks any pop-up checkout feature. Luckily, Shopify allows you to manipulate how checkouts interact with browsers. They have a workaround in their cart feature that works for garbage browsers like Safari.

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