Chat Component Overly Responsive on Mobile

The use of the chat component on mobile devices causes any scroll movement that touches the chat bubble area to trigger actions, even for each chat bubble and beyond its slide-in page.

@Himaladin - Making sure I understand your setup here, based on the screenshot…

  • Main screen lists chats in a collection component
  • Clicking on a collection opens the chat detail screen as slide-in
  • Trying to scroll on the open chat triggers whatever action is tied to that item

I assume the expected behaviour is that you can use the whitespace to scroll through the chat messages, without triggering the action.

Is that accurate?

@NoCodeAndy, The action shouldn’t appear or float out of the screen when scrolling. You could differentiate it with a press action and ensure it closes when touching another message area. On small mobile screens, selecting the whitespace area without touching the message area isn’t easy. This applies to Chat components with any screen type options.

@NoCodeAndy, still regarding the chat component as an addition:

Issue: If the chat is already quite long, the “Show more” button will appear, even though the “Limit Item” and “Page size” settings are empty.

Expected behavior: the opposite of the previous situation, the “show more” button appears only if the limit is set. And don’t forget to create a “show less” button.
The issue of the “show less” button reminds me of the notes component in the Classic app, which has not been resolved even though a new application has been launched.