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Hey folks , is there a way to remove this show more button on the chat component? I have no page size or list number of items enabled.

Another question , has anyone figured out a way to start a new chat session for the chat component? Ideally if it was a button to start a new one or delete the exiting one?

So this is how I have mind setup, mine uses an external API to send actual text messages, so this is a conversational text window that we use for our clients.
The show more things is frustrating yes, this needs a feature improvement for sure. I know no way of getting rid of it other than sorting from the top down, the opposite of all text platforms.

Let me know if you need more details or if this wets the appetite to figure it out on your own.

Yep sorting by top down solves the issue in one sense but completely counter intuitive as all chatbots are the opposite way. I dont see the reason for having the show more button.

I can delete one message at a time as well but obviously not a usable solution.

You could create an action that uses a webhook to initiate an automation in or zapier to find and delete all rows with that username in it

Possibly , that might be worth a shot.

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Yes! Collab is the best part of this forum! Have fun doing it!

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Can we look into this @NoCodeAndy ?

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There are still many shortcomings regarding the chat components that I have compiled here.