Change navigation : Tabs navigation in level 2

Hello, My question is quite simple :
How to have main navigation bar in level 2?

To be more precise, here would be the navigation :

  1. LEVEL 1 : Simple list of trips

  2. LEVEL 2 (when user click on a trip) : Content about the trip
    Navigation bar : Itinerary | Activities | Documents | Infos

By the way, in the same logic, is it possible to have 2 differents navigation bars in the same app? For example, LEVEL 1 : Chat | List trips → LEVEL 2 : Itinerary | Activities | Documents | Infos

Best regards,

If you mean the “tabs” bar then theoretically, when the user clicks on a trip, you can set a value to a user profiles table column to drive the visibility of tabs.

However, there’s no mechanism for you to do so backwards, i.e when the user moves from “Level 2” in your example back to “Level 1”. I wouldn’t recommend that.

I would just build 2 tabs, Chat & List Trips, then in the List Trips details view, you would have a choice button with options being Itinerary, Activities, Documents, Infos. You set the visibility conditions of components on the screen based on that choice.