Link to a sub tab

Hi guys,

Is there a way to set an action on a component to link to a sub tab and not the main tab.

For instance:

  • If I have a section called Programm
  • In the Prgramm section you have different days, and so different “Day” pages
  • Is it possible to link a component directly to the “Day” page and not the “Program” tab

Thanks a lot

Yes, I’m doing this in my Do I Qualify? app. I add buttons on the screen to control the navigation between tabs and set visibility conditions on them so that the correct button is showing based on previous conditions the user set with checkboxes or choices. But, I don’t want all these tabs showing up in the tab bar, so I hid the tab bar with an RTF component and CSS from @ThinhDinh


I’m doing the same…. And I just implemented @BlakeWS ’s approach of recording which tab a user is in as a column in my user profiles area, set when a user moves about. Works a treat!

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Awesome Mark, the next step for me in this regard is to build the table that relates back to these tabs and lookup all the counts, so that I have one view of how people are progressing through the app and where they’re churning. The counts are not tied to the individual user in the sense that I’m not tracking who is doing what, it’s just a set of counters so that I can see how many people are doing what. All the count columns are not user-specific, so I set (increment) them from the user action, but they’re not tied back to the user.

I have a user increment, an agent increment (on the call center side), and a step (to properly count through process steps to have a nice progress bar).

Loads of clever ways of using Glide :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

One tip - try to avoid deleting any tab once you have them set up. If you delete one, there is a good chance all of your ‘navigate to tab’ things will be off by one!

I had a similar experience when I changed the data source of a tab, if I remember correctly. I had to reselect the tabs to navigate to, even though the selection was still displaying the correct tab to navigate to.


Yup - I had the same experience

Hi Guys :slight_smile: Thanks for all these answers!

Although I think I haven’t explained what I am trying to do well :slight_smile:

Basically in my tab “Program” I have listed each day of the week. If you tap on one day, you land on the “day detail” page.

What I am trying to do is to send users from the home page to the “day detail” page. Which is not a tab, but a content detail.

Not sure if that is clearer now :stuck_out_tongue: :sweat_smile:

Yeah now I got it. It seems like you could use the deep link of the page. Search that and I think you’ll find what you need easily. I haven’t done it yet myself.

I think you can try using an inline list of days, or is it not what you’re trying to achieve here?