Different Navigation Tabs for each Menu Item

Hi Everyone,

I’m new at Glides and have been active using Airtable/Stacker.

In creating an App, we would like to have several menu items in the hamburger menu, and each menu item to have different Tabs at screen footer.

Is this possible? I am struggling with Tabs being consistent to all Menu items?

The objective is that each Menu item is connected to a differnet table in the data source, and Tabs at he bottom represent different stages of a workflow process: Submit, Approved, Paid, for example.

The contents of the hamburger menu are tabs, just like the tabs at the footer. You can interchangeably move tabs between the bottom and the hamburger menu, so they are essentially the same thing.

So, the short answer is no, you can’t perform an action when selecting a hamburger menu tab, that will cause the footer tabs to change. You can set visibility conditions on tabs and affect those conditions by setting up actions on components that would change a value in the user profile table, but you can’t call an action when selecting a tab.


Ok, thanks lots for that, Jeff.

Any suggestions what would be the best Component or Action (buttons, etc…). that would best suited as interface for users to click on the see each stage of a process flow? Like Saved, Submit, Waiting for Approval, Approved?

Use the custom tab menu… generate buttons on the side. This way, you can control what is happening when someone clicks it.

So you want to have 4 different screens to shows components that are related to “Saved, Submit, Waiting for Approval, Approved”?

Yes, you are correct. Additionally, we wanted to slowly expand different data sets (tables) that would also have similar multi-step process flows, for our users, so we thought having the footer tabs as each step, would make the nicest user experience.

Each table’s process step are all different, so they would not have the same steps. Purchase approval may have Submit, Waiting for Approval, Approved, Paid. New Customer onboarding would have different ones.

Now that that we know the footer tanks cannot be different for each navigation tab, we’re happy to hear suggestions and advice where the process steps buttons/links/toggle should be located?


….and what is the best Component for selecting different list screens?

I like to use the choice component as a driver to control visibility of different containers or components. Each choice sets a user specific value, and then I use that value to control visibility. Pages don’t have this exact style of choice component, but something like the Chips style would work the same.

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