Cant not reference a newly created field - not showing in drop down

Can not reference a field in a TABs app that I have just created in the a glide table. Please help

You’ll need to be a little bit more specific, please.
Can you provide a screen shot or two?

Fields in the table jobs:

Are not seen when referencing them in an app looking at that table:

Which column (field) are are trying to use in what type of component?
Not all column types can be used with all components.
For example, you can’t use a Relation column with an Action Text component.

Thanks for helping, I am trying to reference JUHANDLE (lookup) into any of these:

List style.
Darren are these rules, “what goes with what”, described somewhere? This is the first time I have experienced this.

Just remember to refresh regularly. Often it won’t show until you manually refresh. But that’s more with new sheets not glide tables.
Also ensure there is content in the column you are trying to reference. Any random content will do. Otherwise it won’t list that in the drop down options.
There’s a good chance that I’m completely off track.
I majored in “how to suck at troubleshooting”
Good luck.

@Ganymed - apologies that I haven’t gotten back to you on this, to be honest I’m struggling to visualise what it is you’re trying to achieve. I suspect it’s a very simple answer - my gut tells me that the lookup column you’re trying to use probably isn’t needed - but I don’t know/haven’t learned enough about your environment/setup yet to be able to say that for certain.

Is the relation column a single or multiple relation? This will determine if the lookup is a single value or an array of multiple values. You can’t place any array (could hold an unlimited number of values) into a component that can only hold a single value.

Jeff, thank you for your input.
The table uses a singe relationship.

In the table I see the field JUHANDLE, hower when I am using this table for a view and trying to use this field, it does not show.

I have checked the source its all populated. However it shows up for an image ???

Images can handle arrays And single values. That’s why it shows up there. Show me the settings for your relation column. I’d be willing to bet that you have the Multiple checkbox checked.