Can't Load Values from Month and Year formula on iOS

Hi, from editor I can see the value but through my app I can’t. See images
I added new date math functions (month(), year()), can be this the problem?

Someone can help me please?

This are not graphs generated by Glide. I think your images are just being cached.

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I can’t see also glide chart @david

Now the math data (month() and year()) doesn’t work, are empty. Why?

Have you tried reloading the editor page?

Yes, when reload the page see the values but in iOS app I can’t see it, and then also in the editor I can’t see it

If I use the math date with “now” it works, but with data field don’t

From editor from pc I can see the math date values and the charts, but from iOS app I can’t. If I use editor from iPad I can’t see the values. I think it’s a math date bug, in mobile version don’t read the values. @ThinhDinh

Do I have to use the Glide Table to make the formula work? Because I’m using Google Sheet. @ThinhDinh @david

I don’t think that’s the case here. Possibly a bug, but what service did you use to generate your chart?

That’s not the problem, because glide chart not works too, in the editor I see the value and in iOS app I can’t see the values and charts. @ThinhDinh

Do you have a link for us to test?

See the video @ThinhDinh
In the video from PC you can see all glide charts, in the iOS app don’t, only one.

From PC

From iPhone

Does it work outside the editor on your PC?

No, it doesn’t. Have you seen the video of iOS app? Outside the editor the values and obviously the charts are empty. @ThinhDinh

I just saw that it works on the Android app. So it’s a bug of iOS system. On iOS doesn’t load values of month and year date functions. @ThinhDinh @david

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From iPad the values are empty, from PC not. Help me guys! I tried to create a glide table and using month formula and it works, with Google sheet it doesn’t work. @Robert_Petitto do you know how can I solve it?

Does it appear when you refresh the tab?

On iPad not, but I think it’s a bug with Google sheet and month, year formula in iOS. Because on Android app it works like a charm.
If use the formula on Glide Table it works on iOS too. @Robert_Petitto