Can't get the right relation to show

It’s probably a simple thing,… I’ve read all the other ones where this is addressed but I’m stuck.
I have 2 users, 4 challenges in this sheet (open to copy).
User1 was in a challenge of a certain type. User1 invites User2. User2 should now only see the challenges with the same type as user1.

It’s showing how I want in the challenge table. But setting a relation from the user table to the challenge table returns all. Therefore I can show the right collection.

Hope someone can get me out of this loop.

I tried, but I honestly got lost on what you are trying to accomplish. I did try to change the ‘Signed up with this User Challenge’ template to use the challenge code from the challenge sheet instead of from the user profile, and it knocked the list down to two challenges, but I’m not sure if that’s what you are looking for or not.