Update Relation based on Collection choice (not a choice component)

I have a user profile and challenges the user can do.
User -< User Challenge >- Challenge (3 tables)

I have one field in the User table “Active Challenge”
I use a Choice component currently for the users to select their ‘Active Challenge’ from a list of potential challenges. However, the people I made this for are capable of not getting the simplest thing and I’m looking for an easier way for them to select their active challenge.

So I’d like to show the relation list to the Potential Challenges with an Action of UPDATE TABLE.
Where you can choose from the variables available from the collection and you can write to related table.

Is this already possible in a different way that I’m not seeing? Would you like this feature too?

Ok would the following work.
List with choices add a check box column --> Make user specific.

Show as inline list with check box.

When a user checks it, I set a VALUE using a user specific template column,… ??
Hmmm I get stuck there.

Should I just work with a ZAP?

Either option might work. I like the checkbox idea. You could create a template in the user profile with a value of ‘true’. The use that template to create a relation to the sheet that contains the challenges. Or you could create an if/then column that sets the result with the signed in user’s email when the checkbox is true…and set up your relation from the user profile to the challenge sheet using email. But nothing would stop them from selecting multiple checkboxes, unless you are ok with that. Or maybe you could somehow set visibility to hide the challenge checklist one something is selected.

A zap would work to, but it’s just more overhead to get it set up initially. Once set up, then it would be easy to implement on a list I think.

Yeah I tried a ZAP,… I found it very slow. So I’d use it more for data that doesn’t require an immediate app in app change,… like sending out daily digest mails.
Or a user requested “Give me my data” request.

Still thinking about this one,…

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