Can't Access the Paid Account because email address is suspended

I already make the Glide App account ( and purchase the maker plan subscription monthly for 60 USD. I already input my credit card information there. I had troubles to make other users access the published app, so I tried again and again, and suddenly, Gmail detect my email above as scam account / bot. My email got suspended! Weird.

And the problem is not stopped there yet. Suddenly, I can’t log in to the Glide dashboard with the suspended email.

And this raises the question for me,

Will am I still charged monthly with my inaccessible Glide account? How do I access the Account if the email is suspended? Is there any way I can access the Glide account without confirmation to the Gmail?

To be honest, this frustrates me a lot.

@NoCodeAndy does this warrant a billing support ticket or do you have any other ideas? I’m not sure if OP can submit a ticket anymore.

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Checking with the team. :+1:

Edit: @Yoga, I’m going to send you a DM to get more information. Thanks!

@Yoga you emailed support 7 hours ago, and I replied immediately. Can you respond to our support ticket?

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Hi All. OP here. David and all, thank God my Gmail account is already recovered and I can access the dashboard again with the mentioned account above. Hopefully Gmail won’t suddenly suspend the account like that.

Thanks again!

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