Can you start with an empty List that only displays entries based on Search bar entry?

I have a table with a few thousand entries. I do not want all the entries displayed, I only want to show entries when someone types something into the search bar.

The opposite of how it works (displays everything and filters down) - I want to display nothing until a filter is matched.


Not with a native search bar. You would have to create your own and then filter your collection based on the search value. To make it not show anything if the search is empty, just set a visibility condition on the collection to only display if the search is not empty.

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This was the path I was going down. I have a Mac and the emoji magnifying glass does not match the Glide magnifying glass so they looked different in this one case.

That and I didn’t think of tying the list visibility to the filter - I was trying to do everything within the filter (hiding all the rows). That failed! Thanks Jeff

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I don’t have any suggestions for the magnifying glass unless someone has a CSS solution.

Worked like a charm.

Much better user experience cause they want to search for matches - not filter a giant list.

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