Can you set a trigger in the free plan?

Hi community members,
Yes, here I am again with a question. :slight_smile:
In the past it was possible to set a trigger to Zapier or Make, using a free plan.
Now Glide has changed his plans, now I need to have a Makers plan to be able to use Zapier or Make (or many others) :frowning:
Does anyone know of a way, that I can still trigger something?
Like a notification or receiving an email, when a record is added to a Glide table, while I have the free plan?
I could switch to a Makers plan but it is a bit deer for me.
I am not earning anything from my apps, so everything needs to come out of my own pocket.
My apps are for private use only.
Let me try to explain why I would like to receive a notification, then maybe you have some other idea how to get a notification.
I have created an, what I call, a restaurant app.
It is used be me and my son.
In there I register any restaurant that we have been and rate it and leave a small review.
So when some one put in a restaurant, then the other also can see what this is and if its a good place to go.
In there, I also place a logo and the correct address and telephone number.
My son doesn’t always have a logo, but I can find it on the internet and place it in.
Also sometimes me or my son doesn’t know the exact address.
Later at home, I can check the internet and get the correct details, and place it in.
This is why, it would be nice, that I would get a notification when my son has added a new restaurant, so I can complete the details.
Thanks in advance for all your tips and tricks.

You can send an email or SMS using an Action. But it is not fully automatic. When you send an email or SMS the app will only issue a request on the host device. The user has to click the send button


But to send an email, a paid plan is required. :frowning:
This is according to the documentation.
And also, I had tried it before looking into the documentation, and got the error;
[Send email] No DeliverEmail quota.

I think you tried to use the Send Mail option instead of the Compose Mail. Yes you need a paid plan for sending mail or SMS. But you can use the Compose actions in the free plan. Like I said, this will launch your local mail app or messages app and the the user has to complete the action manually by hitting the send button.

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I tried the compose email, and it wanted to open the email program already, before I had added anything :slight_smile:
Will think about it, if this is something I would like to use. :slight_smile:

You could add a separate tab or section in your app with a filtered collection that maybe shows restaurants that are newly added within the last week/month, or show restaurants that have certain columns that are empty. It’s not a notification, but could be useful if you open the app often.


Very recently I was thinking about something like that.
But I thought, that if there would be a notification, I would know it quicker.
But your suggestion also could work🙂


For those who are interested, I made a workaound.
I created a extra table, or should I say, I created a Google Sheet.
In the “app” on the ADD button, in the “actions”, on Submit, I placed some data in the Google Sheet.
With Zapier, I created a new Zap.
When the Google Sheet is “updated” an email will be sent.
I have tested it and it looks like its working :slightly_smiling_face: