Can`t find the item

Hello! I can`t save progress in video, because there is no the item I need. I created a number column to which I want to save progress, but it seems not to appear.

You can’t save to ‘video progress’ because it looks like you’re inside a native form. Probably you want to change the action that opens your video screen to → show new screen (side in) instead of a form screen.

Or did you mean to have it on a form screen?

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I just noticed that I can’t find some columns just because they are user-specific (If I don’t make the column user-specific, it will appear in “Save progress”)

Could it be that the problem is in Glide itself?

Firstly, have you tried moving those videos out of the form? I don’t think it’s intended to be in a form, as Eric said.

You’re likely having a form that submits to another table, I think it’s another reason why the column doesn’t show up.


This should be the answer