Capture watch % / progress for video component

Would love the optional feature to capture the watch percentage for the video component as users interact with the video. This is crucial for eLearning apps and would be a game changer in the industry.

Example: for an eLearning app with video lessons, show “Mark lesson complete” button when watch percentage is > 95%.

I can sort of do this with StoryXpress, but the UX is still quite laggy. Would much rather have a native solution.

StoryXpress: force users to watch videos before continuing (updated 2022-02-22)

How else could you use this feature? Leave a comment below!

Yeah, I would use this. The company I work for has produced a bunch of Youtube training videos. We present them in an app together with a short multiple choice quiz to test comprehension. We can capture the quiz results, but it would also be great to be able to capture how much of the video was watched.

I guess if this was available, in most (all?) cases you’d be using in combination with User Specific columns (or User Profile columns), which would make rollup/summary reporting a challenge. But not impossible.


Probably…but app builders could always export CSV if they needed this data.

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I would love to see this feature.

Maybe as a workaround, the user can press Watch button, then the video appears, then we record the time stamp every time the Watch button is pressed. The video information in the back end will have your duration or end time. Then when it’s 95% of the video is shown already computing the start time and the end time, then you can display the Completed button. It’s just a theory that we need to test :slight_smile:

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Implemented in Glide pages!
:clapper: Save Video Progress in Glide Pages!