🎬 Save Video Progress in Glide Pages!

:star_struck: GAME-CHANGING feature!

We can now track video completion in Glide Pages! Now I can build a legit Learning Management System in Glide.

Thank you @Mark and team for realizing this feature request!




Thanks for the heads up and the quick Tut Bob. This is definitely a game changer. I have been working on an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for service providers (Small businesses) who cannot afford to pay for SAP Ariba licence. One of the modules I had planned to incorporate into the system is the training module where we can track the progress of training of each employee. This will help a lot and I guess the best way to circumvent or discourage the fast forwarding of the video is to have an assessment at the end of each video. This is going to come in handy. Thank you Glide team…

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This is amazing

Nice one


Great Feature!!! Definitely a game changer.

2 questions;

  1. Isn’t this feature in Glideapps?

  2. Wouldn’t this feature eat up our Updates Count faster?

Not sure… @Mark ?

According to Glide, these writes “get bounced” so they don’t count against your updates (yet?)

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Hey @Robert_Petitto, thanks so much for the video introducing this feature - you made it really easy for me to set up!

I’m wondering if you know how I might view/administrate the completed (or incomplete) views of my users? My assumption is that since the data field that records the video progress is unique to each user that I won’t necessarily be able to see that in my backend unless I similate my view as a particular user? (Still not sure how exactly that feature works!)

My driving thought at this point is that I’d need to request the viewer marks off each video as complete (as you exampled in your video) - and then somehow record that click / completion of that video to their personal profile data. My reluctance is that this step would require an extra user interaction and unless every video is part of a sequential series, it would be redundant to have a NEED for the user to click.

Before I start going down that path however I thought I’d ask how you might have gone about doing something like this already?

Very much a Glide & app building noob - so I sincerely value any comments you may have time to share to help me out.

Only way to verify progress would be to display a button that appears only when they’ve watched xx% of the video. Clicking this button logs their video as complete. You could then check which users have watched the video via a relation from the video to the log.


Hi @Robert_Petitto, @Trav_Cook mentioned a video you made introducing this feature. Would you mind letting me know where to find it?

You mean the original post above?

@hmatuoclassen I’ve reactivated the video so you can view it now.