Training completion

I am creating a library of videos for training purposes and would like to get a training percentage report. If there are 10 videos and you watch one all the way to the end you are 10% done. Is this doable in glide? Thanks

We can do it through progress bar but we don’t have that on Glide pages. We have that on Glide apps

It’s just simple math. I assume you have a column with a total count of videos. You would also need a column with a total number of viewed videos. You can get that number by using an increment action to increment a column value, or you can use a Rollup column to count the number of rows that have a true boolean values for example. There’s lots of ways to do it depending on how your data and app is set up.

Once you have those two numbers, then you simply use a math column to divide the number of viewed videos by the total number of videos, multiply that by 100, and that will be your percentage.

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There are a lot of other ways though for displaying the information.

Create a User Specific Column on your video library list that says “Marked as completed”. Then you can add a button below each training video that says “Mark as completed” and “Set column values” on the “Marked as Completed” column.

Then use a roll up column to calculate total number of videos, then use roll up column to count completed videos, then calculate the percentage through math formula.

Let me know if you still need any help :slight_smile:

You can schedule a free meeting with me on Calendly - Hassan Nadeem. Would be glad to help and do it for you

As others have said above, this is possible when users manually press a “mark complete” button. Unfortunately, there’s no way to hide/disable the button based on watch percentage.

This is a feature I’ve asked for (@JackVaughan). I’ve gotten it work with StoryXpress, but it isn’t free.