Video progress in Glide

Is it possible to keep the movie playing when a user returns to watch it?
For instance, if a user watches a movie for 10 minutes before closing it, they can open the app the next day and continue from where they left off the day before.

The only way I can see this happening is if each video has data related to how many seconds it is total. Then as the user is watching it, if they want to save their place, they can push a button to record their video progress percentage. Use a math column to determine how many seconds that is based on the total seconds column. Then, craft a URL that uses that number of seconds as a URL parameter. This URL column is what the video component points to. If you need a video, let me know.

Something like this…a little clunky, but it’s close to what you want:


Thanks, Robert. It’s better than nothing.

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Great. Thank you for the video demo.

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