StoryXpress: force users to watch videos before continuing (updated 2022-02-22)

Using a combination of Glide, StoryXpress and Zapier, you can force your users to watch a video all the way through before allowing them to move on in the app.


Nice find @Robert_Petitto

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@Robert_Petitto this might solve a challenge that I am currently dealing with. Which pricing level of storyxpress did you select to get this feature? I’m looking at their various pricing options and I’m not quite clear as to which one has the option to make it work. Thx

I think their basic $10/mo plan is sufficient.

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Updated video showcasing how you can build drip-fed video progression. A more in-depth tutorial will come out soon, but take a look at the possibilities!


Oh, this is amazing.
@ThinhDinh and I were looking for a solution like this, pre-API, last year and couldn’t find it!


Ya…it works REALLY nicely. The team is pretty responsive too.