Calculated field values are missing

I have an input table that uses user input to calculate percentages. The fields are working as they should but cannot be displayed no matter how far back they go. When I was last working on the app (a couple of months ago) it worked perfectly. help!

Hi @Lori_Lacy

Oh dear, sounds like your having fun! (Not)

Can you do us a favour and send some screen shots, a video or something to show us more so we can understand a little better what the issue is, what the data looks like, what components you are using, how you are calculating the fields, are you using google sheets or glide tables etc etc



you can see the data is in my table and is calculating correctly but it’s not displaying in my app. very frustrating!

So the chart is not populated as it should? What column are you pointing to in that screen shot?

Percent Full (for example) - table is populated, fields will not populate in my app.

But in your screenshot, isn’t the percent full column empty?

yes, in the app screenshot it’s empty but in the table screenshot it has a value

Are you sure the row you’re looking at in the screenshot indeed has a value? If it has a value it should have shown in the screenshot I think.

Thank you in advance for sticking with me! In my tables, all fields in all my calculated columns have the correct data. None of them are populating in the app. The second snapshot shows a “checkin” for roll number 1003R. The table above lists all the “checkin” entries, including 1003R (it’s the last table entry). The app is simply not populating any of my calculated data. What’s frustrating is that I haven’t touched anything, it simply stopped populating.

Hi Lori, if it’s possible, can you create a team, move a copy of the app to that team and invite I will take a look for you when I get time today.

Also, please tell me how to navigate to that screen.