All fields not showing on App

My app is a directory with contact information and other details. It includes multiple phone numbers for each person or “line” in my Google Sheet. Column H is “Phone #” and Column I is “Mobile #.” Both of these numbers are not showing on the app.

Is there a limit I have reached on the free account? Or is there a setting I need to change?

Thanks in advance.

Is there a value that should be showing? If the cell in the sheet is empty, then the component will not display to avoid showing empty values. Also can you confirm that you have components set up for those two columns on the screen?

Thanks for your quick reply, Jeff! All the fields are filled in. I wondered if that would be an issue, so I literally put the word “blank” in any blank field. : )

Scratching my head…

Hi again! Sorry for the double-post, but I wanted to let you know I somehow worked it out. : ). I copied and pasted the column that wasn’t showing up, and renamed it. For some reason, that one appeared on the app! After a quick delete of the old column, it is working fine now. I have no idea why that worked, but i am grateful for your help anyway.

I didn’t want you to spend too much time researching this issue since I accidentally stumbled upon a fix for it.

Thank you!!

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You have to add and remove the components you want or don’t want to your app — it does not happen automatically. It only happens automatically when you first create your app.

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