Calculated Field Doesn't update on action

If there is a calculated field and we used action on edit set column and we map the calculated field to a certain cell in the row the field won’t update

So the newly calculated number doesn’t update over to the field you choose. You’re choosing “this row” as the destination right?


Can you try using a relation that points to the same row (probably using rowID) and update using that instead?

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I’ll give it a try

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Didn’t work unfortunately

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Are you trying to set the value is the same row that you are editing? Is the calculated value in that same row? Couldn’t you just use a Screen Values component on the edit screen instead of trying to use the Set Column action on submit?

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Yes its the same row and the relation even didn’t work either

Do you set the same value each time or is it a dynamic value?

Dynamic value


And I assume that the dynamic field will only be calculated after the editing is submitted?

In that case, I think the action is firing too fast so the update can’t come soon enough.

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I don’t know but even if the action is firing to fast in the dynamic field the calculation is there already so so even it should update the same row or even put on old value if its related to a speed am thinking that this is a bug that its not even seeing any data from the calculation

Secondly am using a workaround to update it via a webhook or zapier that confirms that this is a bug

So, your calculated value does not show up in the Screen Values or Column Values components list on the edit screen?

Its not calculating even on the edit screen as it should


If it’s dynamic, shouldn’t it only be updated when you’re done with the edits?

Maybe I’m not understanding properly. This is what I’m understanding so far.

  • You have a row with a value that’s already calculated.
  • You want to edit that row.
  • You want to take that calculated column and write the value to a different column in the same row.

Does that sound right, or am I way off? If you already have the value calculating in the table, then why do you need it written to another column in the same row…unless you need to calculated value to show up in a google sheet? You might have to explain your use case here. If you are trying to get a calculation to happen while you are still on the edit screen, then that isn’t going to happen…but I’m not clear if that’s your issue or not. I guess I need a better understanding of what you are trying to do.

Jeff you are totally right

Yes I need the value to be added in Google sheet because we are using Zapier and webhooks in the backend to lookup values and also we are using reporting charts not in glide that we need it to function