"Set column values" doesn't work after adding new row!?

Is it a bug or I am doing somenthing basically wrong? Same “set comun values” works on submit after editing a row, but on submit after a new row, it doesn’t do anything!?

It largely depends if the row has finished adding before the Set Column action is executed. The problem is how fast everything runs sometimes. I’m not big on using On Submit actions if I don’t have to.

You could make it a custom action and add a wait condition to give the row time to add before setting values in that new row, but I would first ask if the set column action is really necessary. What are you trying to set with a Set Column action? In most cases, you can add the appropriate components to the form, which will work much more reliability.


Tnx a lot for your answer. In sparkled me the idea of a workaround: I simply want to have initial status of a new entry labeled as “Submitted”. So instead of “Set column values” for the field “Status”, now I use hidden form field with default value “Submitted” and it works perfectly, thanks.

Nevertheless I have realy the problem with your explanation of this shoortcoming: I was aware that Set column values for new record is tricky and to mitigate this I simply used show detail screen prior to set values. It worked perfectly, now it doesn’t work any more!?

I had this issue as well! On submit, running an action that sets column values for the newly created row… The values would appear initially, but disappear on refresh. Never found a good solution to this other than adding a 2-3 second wait delay before setting the column values. Seems to have solved the issue so far… :face_with_monocle:

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I think we shoud always try using special values and default values on hidden components first. Unless there’s a calculated column that is only available after submission, I never use set column on the newly created row.


This was my issue, I needed to pull values from a related column, and in this particular case that information was only available after submission… :sweat_smile:


In a case like that, I would use (and would recommend using) a custom form.


Ok I will use this work around but t h e need for waiting after submit is serious Glide shortcoming. In addition, my previous workaround with show detail and then se column valus worked perfectly. Now in the new version of glide it doesn’t work anymore. On the top of that the timeout doesn’t work at all, set column values go new row is useless. Glide should have full control over record creation and after submit set value should function without any problem. IMHO this is a serious bug, which should be fixed ASAP.

If you want other alternatives.

  • One is to make ‘blank’ the equivalent of ‘Submitted’. So when a status is not filled, it means that it is submitted.
  • Another is to create a Template column in the user table with a value of ‘Submitted’. Then you can add a user profile component to your form.

Yes, Glide seems to run code asynchronously, which can be problematic. I agree that it didn’t feel correct, but it’s always been that way, and I likely don’t see it changing, so we are stuck with using these alternatives.