On Submit - does it over ride the default set column values?

I have a normal add row built in form from a collection.

I add the data and on submit it adds the row and sets the column values.
If I use the “On Submit” and do custom actions

Does it override the default “set column values” or does it my action take place AFTER the “set column values” is done

That’s confusing - there is no default set column values with a form.
A form adds a row when it is submitted - that’s the default and only thing it does.

If you configure an onSubmit action, I don’t think there is any guarantee that it waits until the new row has been added. In fact, anecdotal evidence suggest that it doesn’t. This is why it’s generally recommended to not use an onSubmit Set Column Values to change values in a row that has just been added - it won’t always work.

Best practice is to pass all values with the form, using column values, special values or user profile values where necessary.

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