Cafe Ordering App

Hello I would like a little help with an Ordering App. I know there is other discussions about this but I have a little extra help that I need. My small cafe uses Square as a means of taking payment and I would like an app that can send the order directly to my Square account. As far as I can see on my Square App I can accept online orders through use of a QR Code but I would like a platform where my customers can brows the whole menu and order then just come in to pay when they pick it up. I have looked over templates but none of them seem to give me the functionality I am looking for, can someone offer a little advice?

So you just want your customers to view and order online (using glide) and then pay via square when the come to pick it up?

Using square and QR codes is something you are going manage outside the proposed app?

You seen this template?

Yes that is exactly what i want. My cafe is a small not for profit business that provides services to the youth in this community we use the cafe to raise money and teach the kids as well to get the some skills for getting a job. Needless to say the business does not have a huge amount of money to spend on things like this website so i am personaly looking into it to help out. We have a few schools and child care centers close by that could make use of this app if i can make it work.