Is a Mobile Order App Possible?

Ok so how would I go about this in theory?
I have a few questions about what can and can’t be done on Glide:

  1. Can we send an order to Square and have it print the order on a printer? (Maybe with Zapier?)

  2. Is it possible to allow orders to be placed within the set open hours?

  3. Or could there be a master switch that shuts the store down at the end of the day manually?

Thanks for your thoughts!

You can have a read in this topic.

Sweet! Thanks. Any idea if an order can be sent to a Square sprinter so a barista could start making a drink?

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Yes is possibile, I have maked it on my app with zapier and Google cloud print

Can it be an email confirmation of the order to a screen that’s in front of the barista, or is a print more convenient?

I have done something like that recently: