Buy buttons on inline lists

I’m trying to set up buy buttons, but they’re not working. It looks like it’s set up, but I just can’t find the button. I heard that there’s a glitch with the new changes that doesn’t allow you to add buy buttons to inline lists, and it should be fixed in a couple weeks. Is this true?

What do you mean adding buy button on inline lists? Do you mean adding them in a details view of items in an inline list?

Yes. It wasn’t working last night, or the night before, but now it is! :grin: But the button is only on one profile. Do I have to add it to every single one?

I added a Price column to the Profile sheet, and pointed the price to it, and the button disappeared again! :scream:

Do you have a value in that price column?

I do have a value in the value in the price column. I also have a Purchase sheet, but it looks different from the other sheets. So I added a Price column to the Profile sheet. I can’t seem to draw information from any other sheet for the button. Do you know why the Purchase sheet looks like this?

Which sheet is your Tutors tab linked to? I’m assuming the profiles sheet??? So when you click on a list item, you are viewing the details for that tutor that’s in the Profiles sheet? Can you show some of the data so we can see that the Price value is filled with a price?

The Purchase sheet looks different because it’s a Glide Table. Google Sheets have green icons and Glide Tables have black icons with a ‘G’.

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My Tutors tab is linked to my Profile sheet. I don’t have the tutors listed as items. I’m trying to add the buy button to their profile pages. Is that the problem? I got the buy button back! I had the price listed in the wrong row!lol Thank you so much. I should be good for a while,

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Shouldn’t really matter. I was just trying to understand your flow, but looks like you got it. As long as the row you are viewing has a price, it should work.

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A lot of trouble for payments, I hope Glide is taking the issue and improve

Any luck getting the buy button icon to show up on the in-line list? Still not working

The topic here is not about showing the icon on the inline list (which is not possible), but about showing the buy button inside a details view. Can we know what is your use case?

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Here is what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m creating this app to sell my shirts, not create an app for other people to use. Right now I have 2 main categories. Shirts and wall decals. Once you click on shirts, I’ll need a 2nd page so the buy can pick the style of shirt they want to buy. Once you click on the shirt that you want, I’ll need a 3rd page that buyers can select size and quantity. Once they select these options, then they will hit the “add to cart” button. Here is where I’m stuck. Ive created all of the pages, but i can’t seem to figure out how they would add the items to the cart for check out.

If I understand you correctly, what you will need is a button in the details view of the item with the label “Add to Cart”.
The action of the button will be “Show form screen”. This button will open the Cart sheet or table but remember you are on the details view of the item which will be listed in the item sheet/table.

Inside the form, you will have a number entry component for quantity. The item open will have a ROWID attached to it. You use this ROWID and add it to your cart table or sheet in the “Item ID” column.

Have a multi relation column from the cart table/sheet to the items table/sheet and you can do a lookup of the item name, Item price etc from the items table and pull this information through to display on your Cart but this will depend on what you want to display in the cart.

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